Silverwood® – There’s Something New in the Jewellery World

We are proud to announce the launch of a new jewellery brand and unique concept. Designed by Claire de Bézenac, Silverwood® creates bold and contemporary jewellery pieces using sterling silver and a selection of beautiful hardwoods.

All the jewellery is handmade in the UK, guaranteeing the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship. Whilst the use of wood in jewellery is not new, the way the elements have been combined in beautiful contemporary designs, whilst offering a luxury quality finish, makes Silverwood® exceptional!

The collections are inspired by nature, and the symmetry found in nature, interpreted in an extremely modern and minimalist design style. Speaking about the new collections Claire de Bezenac said “We believe simplicity is not only beautiful, it is also bold. Our aim is to create simple statement pieces with something for every occasion. We have combined wood and silver, two materials that beautifully contrast and complement each other, introducing something completely unique and naturally beautiful.

It has taken a while to get here, but I am excited about this journey that we have now started. Creating something new and adding a twist to traditional concepts is what excites me about what we do at Silverwood. “

Sustainable fashion is definitely a big concern for the brand. Wood is one of the most sustainable materials available and is carefully selected for the jewellery. The production is kept local with both jewellers and woodturners based in the UK. And great care is taken to keep the products as natural as possible. The wooden pieces are polished with beeswax for an incredible natural shine and exquisite finish.

It is this attention to detail that elevates the jewellery to something truly special. Every piece then becomes very personal to its wearer, with no piece of wood exactly the same.
Silverwood® creates jewellery that will appeal to a fashion loving audience – women and men who are confident in their fashion choices and sense of style, and who are happy to wear something just a little bit more unique than your regular run of the mill.

There are currently 4 different collections, offering a variety of pieces including necklaces, bangles and bracelets, and earrings. Rings and cufflinks are arriving in the summer. There is also a Men’s range which features a few beautiful pieces – with more coming soon.
One thing for sure, Silverwood jewellery is sure to stand out for all the right reasons.

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