Offers New Fixed Price Cell Signal Enhancing Solution That Includes Booster and Installation now offers a lower cost complete signal booster and installation service package to improve cell phone coverage inside homes across USA.
Dropped calls and slow Internet on mobile devices is causing frustration among many working from home. This is caused partly due to home construction materials, large trees around houses, as well as hills and valleys that block line of sight signals from nearby cell towers.
Many people now working from home experience this nagging problem. It has highlighted importance of adequate cellular coverage in urban and rural areas alike. However, most do not find it easy enough to buy a signal booster and install it on their own. reaches out consistently to raise awareness that its solutions are available to minimize wireless disconnects. It now has a low cost affordable, and easy to implement package that consists of a signal booster as well as its professional installation service, nationwide.
While there are other kits for commercial and business applications that are more powerful and provide larger indoor coverage, the value priced kit included in this residential booster and install package can potentially provide good cell coverage fully, inside 95% of all homes. Please visit website for more details.
With FCC certification and blanket pre-approval by all major United States carriers (post-purchase registration required with respective carrier), these cell phone signal boosters are available for purchase through
Offers distributed antenna system (DAS) equipment and installation service. Application-specific wireless signal amplification products available to serve various industries including public safety, consumer, commercial and industrial. Visit website for more details and answers to questions regarding any cellular-amplifying product and DAS installation service for non-profit and for-profit companies, governmental agencies, industrial businesses and residential properties.