SiftSort: An Easy-to-Use Platform to Securely Store, Organize and Share All of Your Important Financial Documents

New York, NY – Everyone could use some help to organize their financial affairs. Having all of your financial statements, asset records and legal documents organized and readily available can save hours of time and stress during tax season, when refinancing a home, or during a family emergency. With more digital statements coming into the household each month, it’s more important than ever to save and keep track of important financial information, to help organize your life, plan for retirement, or to easily transfer assets and wealth-knowledge after a death in the family. SiftSort makes this process easier and more secure. SiftSort is a smart, simple and secure way to organize, access, and share important documents electronically at any time from anywhere.

Many important financial documents need to be stored for long periods of time. A good rule of thumb is to keep tax returns and supporting records, such as W-2s and 1099s, for at least seven years. Small businesses also need to keep track of more detailed information to help protect their operations from unexpected disruptions such as a natural disaster. Documents such as bank statements, credit card statements, insurance policies, wills, and many others will never get lost again with SiftSort.

Founder and CEO, Darren Conte explains how a trip to Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina gave him the idea to start a company that allowed families to better organize their important documents. “What was most troubling was seeing the amount of red tape that was in the way – because people couldn’t quickly provide the documents they needed,” explains Conte. “So why isn’t there a system that allows you to organize all of your important financial documents so that you can easily access them at any time from anywhere,” he wondered.

Regardless of whether users utilize a basic free account or the premium service, it’s never been easier to organize important financial documents than with SiftSort. Basic Users can simply email or upload their documents into their secure and private SiftSort account, while Premium Users can also fax documents directly into their account using a dedicated fax number. Then, users drag and drop documents into a categorized folder and let SiftSort do the rest. For added convenience, users can share their secure email address or dedicated fax number with trusted professionals who can instantly send important documents into their account on their behalf, allowing users to aggregate their documents effortlessly.

Once documents and records have been stored in a folder, users can conveniently and quickly access and share information with others via fax or email with just a few clicks of the mouse. Premium users can further share multiple files and folders with a secure email link that can only be accessed by the intended recipients and requires authentication to access the content – protecting the user from accidentally sharing sensitive material with unintended recipients. Users who have shared important documents with family or trusted professionals can quickly remove privileges when needed and review an access log to see who viewed their files and when. Data is encrypted for added security and user accounts are further protected by 10 security challenge questions created by the user – these appear in random order in sets of 3 at login. Accounts sessions are automatically terminated after 30 minutes of inactivity by the user. “Securing confidential data is our top priority so we have taken extreme care when designing our system,” said Conte.

“Whether you are preparing for tax season, applying for a mortgage, or just getting more organized as part of your New Year’s resolution – it all just became a whole lot easier,” added Conte.

About SiftSort:
The founders of SiftSort have a combined 25 years of experience developing and implementing large scale technology projects for world-class financial services firms around the world. The team has designed and implemented redundant backup data sites, financial applications, and wealth management systems for Fortune 500 companies like AXA/Equitable, Wachovia, American Express, Goldman Sachs and more. To find out more, visit