ShopVue Enhances Core Product With Manufacturing Analytics Built on Leading BI Platform Qlik

ShopVue, a modular Manufacturing Execution System (MES), today announced the release of ShopVue Analytics, a powerful dashboard tool built on a leading BI platform Qlik. This new functionality enables users to take full advantage of the real-time, accurate and “rich” data ShopVue provides to drive business decisions.
With ShopVue Analytics real-time feedback is displayed on big-screen monitors, PCs and mobile devices to motivate production teams to meet goals and manage risk. Planners, schedulers and customer-focused teams have access to order status and process information to gain full visibility into shop floor operations.
“ShopVue Analytics delivers world-class dashboards aimed at providing real-time operational data to drive business decisions. Additionally, it provides tools that allow you to modify the provided dashboards and/or build new dashboards,” said Steve Cascio, Chief Customer Officer, ShopVue. “Our goal with this release was to provide tools to build and publish dashboards with ShopVue Data, focusing on accelerating business value and turning data into actionable insights.”
ShopVue will soon include each of the following 12 core dashboards:
1. Overall Equipment Effectiveness
2. Machine State
3. Overall Labor Efficiency
4. Inspection Results
5. WIP Status
6. Throughput
5. On-time Delivery
6. Machine Process Control Chart
7. Employee Status
8. Workforce Analysis
9. Schedule Attainment
10. Production Schedule
11. Quality Metrics
12. Setup Changeover Time Analysis
The current release of ShopVue was designed to address the industry’s need to adopt Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 practices that are essential to improving the bottom line. Access to actionable manufacturing analytics is at the core of this transformation. ShopVue keeps data collection simple and error-proof while providing Operators with valuable instructions, drawings, videos, and efficiency metrics so they know where they are against standards at all times, while Managers and Supervisors get real-time access to valuable, validated information to help drive operational process improvements.
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