Shire City Herbals® Launches Campaign to Support Bee Conservation Efforts

Shire City Herbals is excited to culminate National Bee Awareness month, September 2021, with a $1,500 financial commitment to bee conservation efforts, after a month-long awareness and amplification campaign. 
Why bees? “Honey is one of our key ingredients and a supply chain we monitor closely, but more importantly, bee conservation efforts are at the heart of the future of agriculture and biodiversity, food security, workforce development, and balancing our ecosystems for a livable future for our children,” says Kim Allardyce, CEO of Shire City Herbals. 
Organizations supported include Planet Bee, The Bee Conservancy, and The Northeast Organic Farming Association, Massachusetts Chapter (NOFA/Mass). Shire City Herbals looks forward to exploring ways to expand the company’s impact on bee conservation in a focused and effective way that educates around the important role bees play in our ecosystem. “I believe that shelf space at major retailers in 2021 comes with a big responsibility to address the climate crisis and be good ancestors,” adds Allardyce.
About Shire City Herbals
Since 2010, Shire City Herbals has handcrafted Fire Cider—our spicy Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic—with raw, whole, and certified organic superfoods. We’re proud to serve a broad range of intergenerational wellness enthusiasts, many of whom take a teaspoon or 1 oz shot as a daily ritual, and others who love it as a special condiment in salads, cocktails and marinades. Immune support, better digestion, gut health and inflammation reduction are among our customers’ top cited reasons for taking Fire Cider. As a small family-owned business, we are committed to making the most potent health tonics to support your daily wellness routine. Our certified organic farm partners agree that sun, unadulterated soil, and clean water create culinary marvels. We use their highest quality whole, raw, lovingly grown ingredients. We use fully recyclable shipping materials, and our packing materials are made from 100% recycled fibers. Our bottles are reusable and recyclable, and the cups we use for in-store promotions are compostable.
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Source: Shire City Herbals