Shifting Victoria to a Circular Economy That Wastes Less and Recycles More

‘Recycling Victoria’ is a 10-year plan aimed at reforming the state’s waste and recycling system. According to national waste service broker, Waste Sense, the Victorian government’s new plan for waste and recycling is a positive step towards transforming how businesses and communities reuse, repair and recycle, which will help set up a more sustainable future for the state.
The action plan set out by the government includes a complete overhaul of the state’s recycling system, with reform to kerbside recycling, the introduction of a container deposit scheme, new investment in industry and the creation of waste management as an essential service. The overarching goal is to create a circular economy that wastes less and recycles more.
Waste Sense explains that a circular economy seeks to reduce the environmental impacts of production and consumption by avoiding waste through the effective recovery of materials that can be reused. A circular economy also promotes more efficient business models.
Providing innovative waste management services Melbourne-wide, Waste Sense has customers across a variety of commercial industries, including retail, hospitality, hotels, education and more. By utilising trucks that are already on the road, Waste Sense is able to decrease both financial and environmental costs for customers as well as removing road congestion.
As a waste management Melbourne leader providing solutions for every type of waste, Waste Sense analyses a client’s waste needs before working out the best place for the waste to end up. They then find the suppliers that can do this in a way that suits the client’s schedules. As a non-traditional waste company, there is no incentive for Waste Sense to send waste to the tip if it can be avoided.
Supporting the ‘Recycling Victoria’ targets to reduce waste, grow the economy and establish a reliable recycling system in the state, Waste Sense is committed to reducing landfill and ensuring recycling is made as easy as possible, while also striving to educate clients on how to dispose of organic waste.
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Source: Waste Sense