Shift to Succeed® Now Offers World Class Certified High Performance Coaching®

Under the direction and leadership of its founder, Gary Foote, Shift to Succeed has begun offering High Performance Coaching to individuals and businesses. “The proven processes of High Performance Coaching, dedicated team of researchers and practitioners at the High Performance Institute, predictable success outcomes, and overall commitment to excellence of those certified in High Performance Coaching methodology compelled me to make the bulk of our work at Shift to Succeed engagement with clients who are committed to the pursuit of personal and professional excellence through High Performance Coaching,” said Foote. 
After a decade of high performance coaching accompanied by a three-year research study of 174, 054 high performers worldwide, the six habits of high performers were able to be clearly defined, and a measurable outcome driven process was developed. The scientifically quantified process of High Performance Coaching equips clients to build the high performance habits to seek clarity, generate energy, raise necessity, increase productivity, develop influence, and demonstrate courage. These habits produce the defined and measurable outcomes of accelerating innovation, optimizing wellness and joy, strengthening culture, sustaining growth, inspiring collective agility/momentum, and make bold moves.
“High Performance Coaching has facilitated meaningful changes that result in becoming a better and more present therapist and wife. Gary Foote’s compassion, insight, and intuition has been an incredible gift. He routinely challenges me to dive deep into examining where I am not living up to my potential to reinforce the habits needed to consistently be a high performer,” said Kimberly Lenggiere, LMFT.”
Contact Gary Foote at Shift to Succeed to learn more about High Performance Coaching by calling (877) SHIFT88 or email
Source: Shift to Succeed