Sherry Wynne Tucker and Linda K. Strohecker’s New Audiobook, ‘A Portrait of Obedience’, Unravels a Profound Tale About Surprise Encounters and God’s Endless Grace

Sherry Wynne Tucker, a woman who enjoys working with hospice patients and studying scripture, and Linda K. Strohecker, a woman with two decades of experience in the medical field, have completed their new book, “A Portrait of Obedience”: a captivating read based on a true story that follows the encounter between a couple and an old man as their lives intertwined through God’s plan.
What does it look like when someone feels called to do something that doesn’t make sense? It depends on who you ask. To the one doing it, it seems like the only choice. To those looking on from the outside, it may look admirable, a little on the crazy side or bordering on insanity. This is the true story of one couple who knew that calling as they became unwittingly involved in the life of a stranger, a sweet old man named George who landed on their porch in the midst of a heart attack. Despite any real plan, Linda and Bobby answered a gentle nudge from God. As they surrendered, God perfectly orchestrated everything, allowing them all to receive a lifetime of living and loving in just eight months. When it was all over, they were unable to imagine anything more beautiful than the lifelong blessings they received. And then one last unexpected blessing came to light, which God used to open the eyes of those looking on from the outside.
Published by Audiobook Network, authors Sherry Wynne Tucker and Linda K. Strohecker’s new audiobook is a captivating tale of happenstance at the hands of the Almighty Father.
Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “A Portrait of Obedience” by Sherry Wynne Tucker and Linda K. Strohecker through Audible, the Apple iTunes Store, or Amazon. 
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Source: Audiobook Network