Sheldon Engel’s New Book, ‘A Woman’s Guide to True Love Without First Having a Nervous Breakdown’, Is a Dynamic Read of Achieving Success in Maintaining a Relationship

Fulton Books author Sheldon Engel, a divorce attorney for about 50 years, has completed his most recent book, “A Woman’s Guide to True Love Without First Having a Nervous Breakdown”: a profound discussion about a lawyer’s personal experience, the elements of a woman’s intuition, and how to present oneself to another in order to achieve a true and long-lasting relationship.
Sheldon writes, “To those women who seek true love and who have known the perils of disappointment, hurt, and futility, this book is dedicated to providing such women with intuition and self-presentment techniques to increase their probability of successfully achieving a potential true love relationship with a man.
“Such intuition should also probably eliminate the woman’s choosing a man destined to cause her pain and suffering without his having any remorse.
“As a successful divorce lawyer for over 35 years, I have often seen the causation of a divorce being love lost or the undeniable realization that love never existed in the marriage.
“However, I have also observed women divorcees overcome their fear of failure and hurt and, with the use of relevant intuition and her self-presentment, find and maintain a true love relationship with a man.
“The critical elements of the intuition a woman must embody and herself present to the man in order to have a chance of a long-term relationship of true love with such man is formulated on my experiences as a divorce lawyer and my personal encounters to discover and maintain true love with a woman.
“The described elements of the intuition in each’s exercise depends on the woman’s ability to ferret out the true character of the men she encounters in her quest to find true love. Of course, the effective utilization of a woman’s intuition is regularly challenged by her needs, desperation, and anxiety. Confidence in the woman’s intuition and her self-presentment persona must dominate over her immediate needs so that a woman can achieve the probability of success in finding and maintaining true love with a man.
“The woman’s guide to true love is not only based on her development of her intuition to eliminate expeditiously the false male candidate but also retain a man whose positive attributes overcome his modifiable faults. Moreover, in judging a man by her intuition, the woman must also portray herself as being the one for her male partner.
“To secure true love and maintain such love, the woman’s intuition must be coupled with the manner of presenting herself with honest, reflective characteristics of her being. The purpose of this book is not to clarify my achievements as a divorce lawyer. The purpose is to use my knowledge gained from such legal specialty as well as from the insight I developed as a product of the successes and failures in my personal quest to find and maintain true love with a woman, to give birth to the development of a woman’s intuition and her self-presentation to her suitor, and to increase the probability of achieving true love without first having a nervous breakdown.”
Published by Fulton Books, Sheldon Engel’s book is a relevant account that teaches women how to effectively utilize their intuition that can help them evaluate a man’s character to pursue a long-lasting relationship. This book also explains how a nurtured relationship can evolve into true love.
Readers who wish to experience this comprehensive work can purchase “A Woman’s Guide to True Love Without First Having a Nervous Breakdown” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
Source: Fulton Books