Sheila Jayne’s New Book ‘The Godmother’ is a Stirring Novel of Love That Pinches the Readers’ Hearts as the Author Unfolds a Heart-Wrenching Story of a Married Couple

Sheila Jayne, a woman who spent her childhood living with her grandparents and godfather, has completed her new book “The Godmother”: an enticing narrative of a woman who eventually became a widow after her husband dies in an appalling ski accident.
Sheila writes, “Leona is a young Italian-American college student from a middle-class family in America. She has never seen the country of her ancestors. Given the opportunity, she signs up for a study abroad to Italy, and while there, she not only learns the marvels of the country she admires but also meets and falls in love with a handsome young Italian. His Calabresi family is the largest wine producer in all of Italy. The idyllic fairy tale becomes complicated when his equally handsome and charming younger brother also falls in love with Leona.
“Choosing the elder brother to marry, Leona’s life begins anew as if it were the perfect dream she imagined. Her brother-in-law marries and asks Leona to be his only daughter’s godmother. Leona’s life is now one of the Italian elites—rich, powerful, and complicated.
“With the financial resources now available to her, she convinces her husband to buy an elaborate estate in Maine, where her husband and his friends spend many hours enjoying the outdoor life and his great love of skiing. While still nearly a newlywed, her husband dies in a tragic ski accident, leaving Leona a widow with one very young son.
“The questions now become: Who will be the heir to the great fortune of the Calabresi wine holdings? Will old passions be reignited?”
Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Jayne’s engrossing tale presents a series of events that both entertains and captures the attention of readers as the author draws a big revelation as to who will be the one to inherit the Calabresi’s property. In this fictitious yet real-life-inspired story, readers will come to see a dramatic change in the woman’s life as she gets married to a man who she truly loves and found in the country that she admires the most.
Readers who wish to experience this intriguing work can purchase “The Godmother” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
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