Shammi Rana UNESCO Traditonal Sports and Games Rapporteur Meets with Canadian Member Parliament Mrs.Cheryl Hardcastle

Mrs.Cheryl Hardcastle Canadian Member Parliament Meets with UNESCO Traditional Sports and Games (TSG) Rapporteur, Shammi Rana.

The importance of Traditional sports in modern society is almost impossible to miss. The distraction from each person’ own stresses and life challenges is one of the main reasons why we love sport so much. However, sport in its modern form is totally different to the traditional sport. Traditional sports, despite being the basis of some of the most wide-spread forms of entertainment today, are often undervalued and forgotten about.

In a bid to help this issue, UNESCO Traditional Sports and Games (TSG) Rapporteur, Shammi Rana, does a huge amount of work to promote the UNESCO Mandate on TSG. Shammi, also the Secretary General of the Asian Belt Wrestling Federation, spends a huge amount of time speaking with Governments from across the globe to promote TSG.

Recently, Mr.Rana spent time in the Canadian Parliament on April at the House of Common Confederation. Here, he spoke about Canadian participation within classic TSG, and the main aim was to push the importance of continual support for Traditional games and concept of Traditional Sports and Games UNESCO. In his meeting, he met with two influential people in Canadian politicians; Tom Allen, a trusted political advisor as well as New Democratic Party MP for Windsor-Tecumseh, Cheryl Hardcastle.

It was reported that Mrs.Cheryl Hardcastle assured Rana that she will bring the TSG concept to Kirsty Duncan, the Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities. Like many nations, Canada has a rich sporting history and Rana, like others want to try and help push a more progressive, open-inclusive approach to TSG across the globe.While more will need to be heard about the promotion of TSG in Canada when moves are made, at present this is a positive move forward for a vital UNESCO project. Mrs. Hardcastle, who serves as the party critic for Sports and Persons with Disabilities, has a proven history in taking projects of such importance to table.

Mrs.Hardcastle also has a long history in the journalistic industry. A former reporter and editor for the Tecumseh Tribune, she’s also worked on groups as the Pathway to Potential and the National Pension Reform Committee, working to help reduce poverty and improve retirement conditions for all.In the sporting industry, she’s organized minor sporting programs and tournaments. Also the Director of the Tecumseh Baseball Club and the Presidnet of the Sun Parlour Female Hockey Association, she’s a rich and passionate sports fan.

The promotion of traditional sports and martial arts is a vital part of keeping an ancient part of society well-intact and capable of growing according. Thanks to the hard work being put in by the likes of Mr. Rana, it’s hoped that in time there will be greater parliamentary presence for UNESCO TSG.