SGS Launches Service to Help Buyers Inspect International Suppliers

SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, has launched the Buying Assistance Program, a new service to help consumer goods manufacturers successfully source suppliers for their global supply chains.

SGS’s Buying Assistance Program, devised for the toys and hardgoods sector, fills a gap that has become readily apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic. Before a buyer chooses a new supplier, they will often inspect a production facility to gauge its ability to fulfill contractual obligations. However, with the introduction of travel restrictions during the pandemic, this has become impossible. The answer is local independent inspectors acting as the eyes and ears for the buyer.

SGS works with the buyer to create a checklist and inspection plan. SGS’s highly-trained inspectors review every aspect of the facility’s production process – from purchasing raw materials to shipping the end product – providing full reports with photographic evidence that can be customized for reporting in 2D or 3D, as if the buyer were actually present. The inspector’s report determines whether a facility can fulfill the customer’s ordering requirements, identifying strengths and weaknesses in the supplier’s systems, and pinpointing non-conformities. When a problem is encountered, they work with the buyer and the supplier to develop a remediation plan. As an important part of due diligence, SGS’s Buying Assistance Program helps businesses find the right supplier while mitigating risk in their supply chain.

Commenting on the launch, Scott Nesson, International Sales Manager, SGS said: “The severe disruption caused by COVID-19 has shown that buyers are often unable to visit potential suppliers. With the Buying Assistance Program, we are using the latest technology, backed by our global network of highly experienced inspectors, to fill the gap and restore trust in global supply chains.”

Managing a global supply chain is difficult even without the restrictions imposed to curb the spread of COVID-19. Without detailed inspections, buyers are cautious and seek assurance because they lack the necessary insights to make informed decisions about new suppliers. The Buying Assistance Program fills this intelligence gap, helping the buyer to make the right choices and rebuilding trust in their supply chain.

For further information, please contact:

Rachel Cheng
Consumer Goods & Retail Services, SGS

Phoebe Lee
Consumer Goods & Retail Services, SGS

Scott Nesson
International Sales Manager


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