SGS Helps Cosmetics Manufacturers Ensure Compliance with Dedicated Digicomply Service

SGS has launched a dedicated service to help manufacturers and suppliers of cosmetics, personal care and household products remain compliant in a fast-changing regulatory environment. SGS Digicomply for Cosmetics, Personal Care and Household Products quickly and efficiently delivers granular information on changes to markets and regulatory requirements relating to products, ingredients, and formulations.

The cosmetics industry is afflicted by two primary changing factors. Firstly, shifting consumer demand is calling for more skincare products and beauty products that are generally cleaner and more eco-friendly. Secondly, these products are some of the most regulated in the world and those requirements can change quickly in response to new scientific data.

If a product is found to be non-compliant, it can result in a costly and damaging recall. For example, the European Union reported in Q4 of 2019 a 30% increase in notifications for unsafe cosmetic, personal care and household products, in comparison to Q3. Of the 30 products recalled, twelve of them were skin whitening products, with 93% relating to chemical risks. In Q4, the US reported seven dangerous products, the same figure as Q3, mostly relating to baby powders.

Currently there is no global cosmetic legislation, despite calls for convergence. Manufacturers must ensure their products comply with the individual requirements for each market in which they operate. Changes in regulations can relate to a variety of criteria, including the product, the market, the ingredients, and the formulation.

This can make it difficult to navigate market changes. Manufacturers need to constantly be horizontally scanning the legislative landscape for intelligence on changes that may impact their products. They need to monitor a wide variety of respected sources, looking for information that is relevant to each aspect of their product(s) – formulation, ingredients, markets, and so on. If they fail in this task, they may be required to perform a costly recall.

If the manufacturer successfully remains informed on regulatory changes and is able to implement updates as required, they will not only benefit from their products remaining compliant, with a reduction in recall risk, but also it will help them to optimize production, reduce costs, and minimize the time to market for their products.

SGS Digicomply allows businesses to outsource this requirement to a trusted, globally recognized service provider in a cost-effective manner.

SGS Digicomply for Cosmetics, Personal Care and Household
SGS’s solution offers quickly and efficient monitoring of regulatory requirements for manufacturers and brand suppliers. It delivers peace of mind in fast-changing legislative landscape, ensuring compliance and allowing businesses to achieve cost reductions and production optimization. Learn more about SGS Digicomply for Cosmetics, Personal Care, and Household. []

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