Sex, Relationships, and Divorce During COVID-19: New Report Highlights Pandemic Effects on Relationships

Love Connection has compiled statistics from multiple sources to find out how coronavirus has affected love and relationships. The report covers dating, sex, and divorce, with a focus on how the pandemic has affected relationships across the board. 
“Recognizing the impact the pandemic has had on relationships isn’t straightforward but, by compiling the statistics, we’ve created an overview of the strain and benefits put on couples and singles during COVID-19,” says Tina Fey, founder of Love Connection. 
Statistics gathered from dating apps, law firms, and numerous studies show that during the pandemic:
In addition, research indicates that 20% of new marriages (under five months or less) struggled to survive during the pandemic, highlighting how the significant changes during the last year have pressured newlyweds to divorce.
“These surveys and statistics can help us understand how dating and relationships evolve, especially under the pressure of a worldwide pandemic,” says Fey. “It’s essential to know where vulnerabilities lie within the dating and relationship world so we can continue encouraging and fostering healthier relationships.”
View the report here, including the accompanying infographic –
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