Sewio Releases a New Industrial Anchor to Perfect Industrial RTLS Deployments

Sewio, a UWB-based real-time location system (RTLS) vendor, today releases Sewio Omni, a new industrial anchor to help tackle deployments even in the most complex factory layouts. This new anchor comes fully FCC and CE certified and is ready to take on any industrial challenge thanks to its IP65 housing, wide temperature operation range and protective vent. 
Expanding the in-house manufactured industrial infrastructure portfolio allows for the Sewio RTLS to combine two anchor types (wide range and focused long range) in a single industrial indoor tracking deployment. This unique combination saves on the number of anchors and their cabling, thus decreases project costs and shortens the project’s payback period. Additionally, it also makes highly precise localization possible even in non-ideal tag placement scenarios, which are extremely common in real-life industrial environments. 
“Sewio Omni anchor is the latest addition to our hardware portfolio, and we are truly proud to have both the Vista Omni and Vista DirectFive anchors certified by FCC and RED/CE with a high-grade certification compliance. This is definitely a step in the right direction towards opening up new possibilities of deployments in harsh industrial environments for our customers,” commented Lubomír Mráz, CTO of Sewio Networks. 
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About Sewio Networks 
Sewio Networks is the manufacturer of a real-time location system (RTLS) for indoor tracking that drives business results for companies in the intralogistics, retail, sport, entertainment and livestock industries. The Sewio system is built on ultra-wideband technology (UWB) and delivered with RTLS Studio, remote management and visualization software.
It gives partners and customers a precise, easy-to-integrate, reliable , and fully scalable IoT solution for indoor tracking that allows process visibility, boosts production efficiency, simplifies the inventory process, and increases the safety of employees. Founded in 2014, Sewio is headquartered in the Czech Republic with offices in Germany and France. Sewio has 70-plus system integration partners and powers customers in 37 countries. Customers include: Volkswagen, Budvar, Pirelli, Matador, TPCA, Škoda.
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Source: Sewio Networks