Set Your Own Hours with These Jobs

Having a family means you need to revolve your job hours around them. Set your own hours with these jobs and still get decent pay. These jobs are found primarily in the health, retail and work at home fields.

Nursing – The income is high. The demand is high. The only problem for most people is the education degree needed to apply for these jobs. Since nursing is in such high demand right now, there are rigorous two year programs that get you certified and working. The initial requirements are tough but it worth the effort. You have a lot of flexibility in the hours you work but when you work, the hours will be long.

Salesperson – As a retail salesperson, you can get part time or full time work at most shopping malls. These positions have a high turnover rate and so stability is not always guaranteed. However, there will usually be tons of demand during the peak shopping seasons like Christmas.

Teacher’s Assistant – Apply for a position at your child’s school as a teacher’s assistant. You will help the teacher prepare lessons and supervise the children during their daily activities. Since the hours are the same as your child, you will not have to worry about conflict job hours. You can pick them up after school and take them home. Depending on the school, you may need to take some education and training classes.

Work at Home – You set the hours and the time commitment. You make as much or as little as you want. This leaves as much time as you want for your family. This saves a lot of money on daycare as well. The biggest problem is maintaining a schedule where you must meet the daily goals. Since you are your own boss, if you do not bring in the money, you can only blame yourself. If you need ideas for work at home businesses, figure what your skills are and focus on that. Then scale the operation.

Take advantage of these family friendly jobs so you can start spending more time with your family. Search for flexible jobs at employment job listings and post your resume.

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