SERVANTS & SPIES Exploits from the Covert Mission Field

On August 25, 2020, Tall Pine Books will release Servants & Spies, the first installment of a nonfiction series by Mike Kastle, showing, by example, how God has a plan for us that He has already placed deep in our hearts and has set into motion. He uses everything in our lives, not because of our talents and skill, but because of His finished work on the cross. Through this book, you will be able to learn how this truth influences our journey and impacts our destiny.

Servants & Spies highlights the key steps for us to take as we move into the fullness of the Lord’s plan for our lives. Together, we will learn how God’s purpose and plan for our work with Him develops in our lives using real-life examples from the very beginning of a ministry to its most fruitful stages. Servants & Spies shows us how the Lord changes us and uses everything about us and everything we do for His glory.

From riveting run-ins with foreign-powers to first-hand accounts of modern miracles, Servants & Spies will grip you from cover-to-cover.

Get ready to be taken on a journey in a personal way with action-packed adventure!

Don Milam, Acquisitions Consultant with Whitaker House writes:
Servants & Spies reads like a thrilling novel. However, it is anything but fiction. What might have been the sound of an exploding bullet, Mike Kastle’s story begins with a bang quickly drawing the reader into a fascinating plot combining intrigue with inspiration. Kastle’s adventures in a Marxist world are not the typical life of most missionaries. Danger lurks around every corner, but his experiences also include the opportunity to influence China with the secret message of Jesus. His stories are compelling and genuine, illustrating in vivid detail the difference one can make when he dedicates his life to God’s purposes. What you spend to purchase this book will quadruple in value with each page you read.

About the Author
Mike Kastle is a servant of the Lord called to unreached people in closed communist countries. He currently resides both in the United States and in China. The nature of his work requires privacy for reasons of security, so the name Mike Kastle is a pseudonym (pen name) so as to maintain anonymity. Mike’s true identity is kept private for the time being.

May you be encouraged to hold onto Jesus closely as He amazes you on the incredible journey ahead because, as you will soon learn, your work with Him begins before you know it!

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