Sensiple joins hands with SAP as a Global Technology Partner

In a strategic business move at the beginning of this year, Sensiple has partnered with global enterprise solutions leader SAP. Through SAP Partner Edge, Sensiple can combine their industry and LoB expertise with SAP industry-leading technology and innovation – speeding delivery of their next-generation enterprise solutions and expanding the market. Sensiple can rapidly design, develop, integrate, and commercialize their applications under a single, comprehensive partner program.
The partnership with SAP will allow Sensiple to:

▪ Gain access to SAP applications, platforms, and intelligent technology.
▪ Gain access to onboarding support, development resources, and enablement tools from SAP to quickly build market-leading solutions.
▪ Provide an end-to-end SAP-Sensiple Integrated service and technology offering to their global customers.
▪ Ensure its own product development remains closely in line with that of SAP Future Products by Leveraging the intelligent enterprise framework, its technology offerings, and the partner-based services and tools from SAP. To create next-generation solutions that deliver new and innovative functionality to your customers.

Sensiple can natively integrate its own products from Botomation, Intelligent Process Automation, and BFSI with that of SAP. This business association will echo the ease and simplicity with which the Sensiple customers can leverage the complete range of industry-leading solutions from SAP.

“This business collaboration will set the stage for our services to enhance global enterprise operations. We are sure that both Sensiple and SAP can help organizations – no matter the size – to drive better client experiences. This will enrich the business goals of our global network of partners, customers, and investors,” said Mr. Kumaraswamy, partner, MD, and COO of Sensiple.

About Sensiple Inc.
Sensiple Inc, established in 1999, is headquartered in New Jersey, delivering our IT products and services all around the globe to some of the leading business organizations. Our pioneering IT products and services are focused on intelligent process automation, Machine Vision technologies, customer experience, chatbot automation, capital markets, banking, digital & enterprise transformation.

In addition to our products and services, we also offer Consulting and Staffing services in the same areas enabling our clients to excel even further.

We have extensive experience in serving a wide range of clients from diverse industries such as BFSI, Healthcare, manufacturing, foods, and beverages, retail, logistics, etc.

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