Secure Square: QR Code celebrates 25 Years of innovative Data Collection

Düsseldorf. The “QR” in QR Code stands for “Quick Response” which directly highlights one of the many advantages of the two-dimensional QR Code by DENSO WAVE, part of the Toyota group: The QR Code provides information very quickly and easily – and can contain a lot of important data.

The QR Code has spread rapidly around the globe due to its numerous applications. Today, it is almost impossible to imagine logistics and industry, retail, marketing, and advertising without the QR Code.

A special website was created for the anniversary of the QR Code, where visitors can learn more about the advantages and usages of the QR Code:

SQRC®: Combination of the QR Code‘s Advantages with the Factor of Security

Since DENSO WAVE, part of the Toyota group, made the QR Code available free of charge 25 years ago, it quickly became very popular. Today, especially in Asia, billions of transactions are made through a payment system using the QR Code, according to the security software company Sophos.

The QR Code, which was originally developed for factory production control, can now do much more than simply provide information for mobile data collection, for example, in logistics, warehouse management, retail, healthcare, marketing, and advertising. Where there are concerns about the security of the QR Code, the experts for mobile data collection from DENSO WAVE EUROPE can offer a secure version of the QR Code.

Kaber Kolioutsis, Marketing Communication Specialist, explains: “As the importance of data security has increased immensely, DENSO has developed the Secure QR Code. The Secure QR Code enables the encryption of sensitive data, combining the unique benefits of the QR Code with the important factor of security.”

More Data Security in Healthcare due to the SQRC®

Visually, the SQRC® cannot be distinguished from a simple QR Code. However, the Secure QR Code ensures that access to the secured part is only possible with certain DENSO readers with the appropriate encryption key embedded in the unit. In addition, access can be granted to a select group of people with the required unit.

This is a big advantage in healthcare: On the SQRC®, the name and number of a patient can be stored in the public area of the QR Code. The sensitive data, such as the patient’s disease progression, however, would be stored in the encrypted area of the Secure QR Code, so that only the attending physician can access the information on the SQRC® with the appropriate reader.

More information about the QR Code, the Secure QR Code (SQRC®), the Frame QR Code, innovative handheld terminals and scanners, mobile data collection, Auto-ID, and DENSO WAVE EUROPE are available at

Face Recognition with the SQRC® offers secure Data Collection

Even modern face recognition can be combined with the SQRC®. First, a picture of the user is taken, so that the personal facial features are available as data. Then a Secure QR Code is created with the Face SQRC® Generation App. Authentication at the access control point is accomplished by comparing the facial data on the SQRC® with the features captured with the camera at the access control point.

“Face Recognition is no longer a future scenario, but can be securely realized with the Secure QR Code – fast and easy,” says Kolioutsis.

The further development of the QR Code clearly shows that after 25 years, the QR Code has become even more valuable and offers advantages that meet today’s requirements, for instance, in logistics, warehouse management, retail, healthcare, marketing, and advertising.

For the European market, DENSO WAVE EUROPE is the contact point for all enquiries on QR Codes, mobile data collection, handheld terminals, and scanners. The durable and robust terminals and scanners manufactured by DENSO are to be found in storage, logistics, at the POS, in production, and field & sales automation applications. Short and informative video clips about the terminals, scanners, and solutions from DENSO WAVE EUROPE can now be viewed on YouTube. The clips include the 20th anniversary of the QR Code, a company presentation, and introductions to the various devices for mobile data capture such as the BHT-1500, BHT-1400 and the GT20 scanner. For more information, click on the link below:

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