Secret to Success Pay It Forward

Hi, My name is William. I would like to share an Incredible Home Business Opportunity with you.. 1. How does a monthly earning of $17K plus sound to you? 2. For an initial commitment of $30? 3. Do you believe in the Pay It Forward system of helping others? If the answers to these 3 questions excite you, please read on….. GlobalOne has launched the Infinity – Wealth Compensation Plan. This is 1 of 3 powerful Compensation plans that will help you generate wealth beyond your imagination & set you FREE! I am looking to SPONSOR 3 highly motivated, serious & committed individuals to PAY IT FORWARD! A $10 TIN Membership for each individual into GlobalOne. In return, you will reciprocate this gesture with $30, and PAY IT FORWARD to 3 other select individuals who you will then PAY IT FORWARD to 3 more.. and so on. This is a TEAM effort… everybody in the team will commit to the system so that everyone achieves success! It is up to you to PAY IT FORWARD… a simple act of kindness to help others, to change the world & to make dreams come TRUE! If you believe this is the right path for you, visit for more information about GlobalOne Companies, LLC. Sign up from the website or directly here For more information on PAYING IT FORWARD visit: Contact me: Thanks for your time, hope to work with you!

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