Search & Acquire Senior Advisor Paul Lawrence Publishes Transforming Service to Veterans: How I Pursued Performance Excellence at the Veterans Benefits Administration

Search & Acquire Senior Advisor and former Under Secretary of Benefits at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Paul R. Lawrence has written Transforming Service to Veterans, a history of how he brought transformative change to the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) that includes lessons for anyone running a business or public sector organization.
He clearly and concisely leads his readers through lessons learned and experiences gained while transforming benefits delivery to the most deserving community, U.S. veterans. His leadership brought energy, enthusiasm, and high-level private sector experience to the public sector as a “servant leader” during his time as Under Secretary for Benefits of Veterans Affairs. 
“From the Army to my journey through the private sector, there has been so much that I have learned over the years about how to build a team, manage them effectively and continuously improve production and output,” said Lawrence. “I was honored to have the opportunity to lead the VBA, and I decided to ‘put to paper’ the journey of how we overhauled the benefits delivery process for veterans and serve them, in a manner that honors their service.”
Lawrence was a partner at two “big four” accounting firms before his time at the VA. He now serves on the boards of a number of organizations dedicated to the veteran community.
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At Search & Acquire we are proud to support efforts to improve service to veterans. We are a non-profit dedicated to supporting veterans involved in entrepreneurship through acquisition (ETA). We believe ETA presents a compelling opportunity for veterans to leverage leadership capabilities and skills honed in the military as leaders of small businesses in the civilian world.  As veterans, we know VA benefits and transition support are the springboard to veterans reintegrating into civilian life and pursuing their American Dream.
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