Scollar Personalizes Pet Food Selection Using Artificial Intelligence

Pet tech company Scollar is personalizing pet care using artificial intelligence. The Kansas City-based company created the first AI engine that delivers personalized product suggestions using detailed information owners share about their pets. Initially, Scollar will provide personalized food suggestions for dogs and cats.
One of the most important decisions a pet parent makes is what food to feed their pet. Yet people are faced with hundreds of choices for pet food, leaving them overwhelmed and confused. The packaging shows healthy-looking animals, appealing colors, and confidence-boosting nutritional claims. However, in recent years, consumer trust in brands has been eroded with news that grain-free foods cause dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs and toxins in some pet food caused it to be recalled. 
Like humans, each pet is different and requires suggestions that take that pet’s unique characteristics into consideration. Scollar’s personalized pet care means consumers can now get pet food suggestions based on a combination of breed and age of their pet, living environment, lifestyle, and specific issues their pets struggle with.
Scollar CEO Lisa Tamayo, says “Transparency and personalization are now very important to people, which extends to every member of their family, including their pets. We believe personalized pet care will lead to healthier and happier pets and are thrilled to offer it to our customers.”
Scollar’s personalization AI engine gathers data from millions of real-world experiences of dogs and cats to make connections between breeds, issues, and foods. The Scollar AI makes individualized food suggestions using this detailed data. The Scollar team closes the loop by following up to make sure the personalized food suggestions worked. Their goal is building a strong relationship of trust with the consumer and ensuring the Scollar AI engine suggestions result in the very best personalized pet care.
Getting personalized food suggestions is fast and easy. Consumers simply go to the Scollar website and enter information about their pet into a short quiz. Within minutes, they receive an email with the top food suggestions personalized to their pet. The consumer can buy any of the recommended products right from Scollar’s marketplace for home delivery. And Scollar will even link the consumer to retailers for foods they don’t carry.
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About Scollar:
Scollar, Inc. is an animal health technology company based in Kansas City, Missouri. The company has innovated an open platform ecosystem that includes an AI-driven marketplace of products and services. Scollar’s vision is to use technology to make exceptional animal care available to everyone.
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