SchollyME is Changing the Game: Allowing High School Athletes to Get Evaluated by Top College Athletes

With a recent NCAA ruling allowing college athletes to get paid for their name, image, and likeness, SchollyME has wasted no time signing college students to become official evaluators on the SchollyME mobile app.
Top athletes from schools such as LSU, Alabama, Clemons, USC, UCLA and more will be available to give written talent evaluations to high school talent using the SchollyME app. Collegiate-level coaches from across the United States can see the evaluation on students’ profiles, giving them an upper hand in the recruitment process.
“We signed about 30 athletic evaluators in the first two days of the NCAA’s NIL rule. We were very aggressive once the rule was announced,” SchollyME founder Melvin Nunnery said. “Our mobile app is the first app that allows current college athletes to evaluate high school talent — and get paid for doing it.”
The process is very simple, according to Nunnery. High school students using the SchollyME app can request an evaluation right from their phones. The evaluation is generated by the app and makes it a simple and accessible process.
In the past, evaluators of high school athletes were 45- and 50-year-old men and women, Nunnery said. Though they were strong sports enthusiasts, many times, they had been removed from the game for upwards of 30 years. 
“What SchollyME has done is made the college athlete the expert,” Nunnery said. “Who better to tell your son or daughter if they can play at the next level than an athlete playing at that level?”
Nunnery was also excited to sign local athletes playing in college in the Oxnard area. 
“I’m very proud of the fact that we signed a lot of top athletes, but we also made sure we hired those kids who come from the 805. That was very important to me,” Nunnery said. “SchollyME is taking over the recruiting landscape. No one from our team will ever contact you to ask for hundreds of dollars. We just provide the space. We make recruiting as free as it should be.”
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Source: SchollyME