SCHC, a Top-rated Trauma, PTSD, Drug Rehab, and Alcohol Treatment Centre in British Columbia, Canada, Announces New Post on the Epidemic of Loneliness

Sunshine Coast Health Centre (SCHC), a best-in-class trauma, PTSD, drug rehab, and alcohol treatment program located in Powell River BC Canada, is proud to announce a new post entitled, “A Pandemic of Loneliness.” The post is a collaboration with Geoff Thompson, Ph.D., Program Director for the Centre.
“Loneliness was a societal problem before the Pandemic and it will be around after the Pandemic is defeated,” explained Casey Jordan, Chief Marketing Officer. “As Dr. Thompson explains, however, there are different types of loneliness and, fortunately, there are therapeutic options that can help a person start to heal.”
Interested persons can read the post at or at, where it was first published on Dec. 18, 2020. The post explains that loneliness was a problem before COVID-19, but the current shutdown has exacerbated feelings of isolation and alienation. People who are experiencing chronic loneliness don’t have meaningful connections and relationships in their lives. As Canada makes it way through the winter months with a second wave of the coronavirus in full swing, many people are once again thinking about loneliness and isolation. While loneliness can have many health impacts, all loneliness is not created equal. Understanding the causes of loneliness can help people address it.
The post then goes on to make a distinction between “situational loneliness” and “chronic loneliness.” The former, as explained in the interview, can be eased by keeping in contact with loved ones and friends, even if it means over the Internet or keeping 6 feet from each other. In the latter, explains Dr. Thompson, research suggests that merely increasing social contact—encouraging young people to join the dragon-boat club or arranging card games for the elderly—may not be enough.
Persons interested in learning more about the Centre’s drug and alcohol treatment options can visit or, which explains that “Non 12 Step” methodology used to treat addiction, trauma, and PTSD. That page focuses on the four pillars of treatment: physical, psychological, social, and spiritual. Persons who want to learn more on these issues are encouraged to visit the blog and bookmark its content. Current topics include existential anxiety, burnout, treatment, ADHD and addiction.
Source: Sunshine Coast Health Centre