Scan an Entire Heart in 1-2 Heartbeats – Modern Heart and Vascular Institute

Modern Heart and Vascular Institute strives to provide the best care for patients, and do so with modern technology. The technologically advanced practice is equipped with a 128 slice CT scanner. This tool allows for imaging of the entire heart in 1-2 heartbeats. The providers at Modern Heart and Vascular perform these extensive diagnostic tests in an outpatient setting to avoid the need for invasive testing. 
This 128 slice CT scanner allows for more accurate images to be take of the patient in a timely manner (with less radiation involved). The scanner can be adapted for any type of patient. While taking accurate images, Modern Heart and Vascular can provide patients a shorter office visit and better diagnosis. Additionally, Modern Heart and Vascular Institute has the only provider in the area who is a Level 3 certified imaging specialist in cardiovascular CT (Dr. Rajiv Agarwal).
Cardiac CT scans allow healthcare providers to determine and pinpoint any issues around the coronary arteries. To learn more about cardiac computed tomography (CT) at Modern Heart and Vascular Institute, please click here. 
Modern Heart and Vascular Institute assists with various heart & vascular symptoms & issues such as chest pain, high cholesterol, congestive heart failure, peripheral arterial disease (PAD), arrhythmia, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure and much more. Modern Heart and Vascular specializes in all aspects of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.
For comprehensive cardiovascular care, contact Modern Heart and Vascular Institute by phone or online today. Same-day appointments are available to suit patients’ needs. Majority of insurance plans (including commercial, Medicare, and Medicare replacement) are accepted.
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