ScalePad Announces Microsoft Endpoint Manager Integration

ScalePad is pleased to invite members of the MSP community to beta test its new API integration with Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM). While ScalePad is already integrated with over thirty of the MSP industry’s most popular remote monitoring and management (RMM) and professional services automation (PSA) tools, this is ScalePad’s first partnership with software giant Microsoft. 
“Microsoft’s unified endpoint management tool is used by thousands of MSPs, and works well for partners providing secure co-managed IT services in Microsoft 365 environments. Integrating ScalePad with Microsoft Endpoint Manager provides some unique new benefits,” said Dan Wensley, chief executive officer of ScalePad. “The MSP community has asked us to integrate with Intune, and so we’ve made it happen.”
ScalePad’s integration with Microsoft Endpoint Manager automates discovery and import of Intune-managed devices. This is especially important given the unique security and other risks found in a co-managed environment, where clients may have added mobile devices, or bypassed recommended onboarding processes and have active devices without RMM tools in place.
Intune’s live dataset of active devices when combined in ScalePad with data from other already integrated RMM tools provides a more complete picture of each client environment. ScalePad’s automated matching feature deduplicates devices viewed through multiple integrated platforms, providing MSPs with a trusted single view of all their networked assets. 
The ScalePad Microsoft Endpoint Manager integration also helps MSPs deploying Intune for the first time by providing an important check to ensure no device is missed. “We can make sure that the device list matches what’s in our tools,” stated Barry Semple, Vice President, Information Security and Technology at Fully Managed, a large industry-leading MSP. “And if we’re rolling Intune out for a customer, we can make sure it’s rolled out everywhere as well.”
While Microsoft Endpoint Manager provides sophisticated management tools, its single tenant view may be limiting for MSPs who want a snapshot of every asset they manage in one place. ScalePad’s new partnership provides that new option for asset management of Intune devices — a multi-tenant, single-pane view with detailed, automated reporting capabilities.
ScalePad MSP partners interested in previewing the beta Microsoft Endpoint Manager integration can simply log in and follow the instructions to activate it in-app. The new integration is included on all ScalePad plans. IT service providers and MSPs who are not currently ScalePad partners can also sign up to test this integration at no cost.
“I’m excited about how this integration can help our partners manage their businesses and work with clients more efficiently,” stated Wensley. “ScalePad and Microsoft are a winning combination, and we look forward to working with our partners to continue to make our product even better.”
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Dina Genkin
Source: ScalePad