Scailyte and Geninus Announce a Strategic Partnership to Develop a Predictive Assay for Immune-Checkpoint Inhibitors in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven biomarker discovery innovator Scailyte and the global single-cell genomics provider Geninus, today announce a strategic partnership to develop a patient stratification and predictive platform for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC). 
The companies join their unique expertise in data generation and analysis: Geninus brings a variety of cutting-edge genomic analysis technologies and experienced global R&D specialists, and Scailyte leverages a best-in-class single-cell data analysis platform, ScaiVision, to identify and validate disease-specific molecular biomarkers. 
Through the joint venture, Geninus will lead the recruitment of NSCLC patients’ undergoing immune-checkpoint inhibitor (ICI) therapy and the processing of samples at a single-cell precision level, while Scailyte will drive the molecular biomarker discovery studies together with clinical key opinion leaders in the disease area. Following biomarker discovery, Geninus will focus on the prototyping, development and clinical validation of the prognostic assay.
The benefits of these joint efforts are copious: patients suffering from NSCLC will be stratified based on a ICI response-prediction assay, and the clinicians will have tools for an informed therapeutic decision, thereby ensuring a high response rate of patients ultimately selected for ICI. Moreover, new biological and therapeutic approaches could be explored on the basis of molecular markers that define response to ICI.  
Manfred Claassen, Prof. Dr., Co-founder of Scailyte commented: “Scailyte’s machine learning models allow unprecedented systematic and thorough screening for biomarker profiles in high dimensional single-cell data. Accounting for approximately 25% of cancer deaths, NSCLC remains the cancer with the highest mortality rate worldwide. Together with Geninus, we aim to develop a non-invasive and accurate molecular prognostic method to identify NSCLC patients responsive to immune-checkpoint inhibitors. I am excited to witness how the assay will help oncologists in making informed decisions for ICI prescription, thereby ensuring a high response rate of patients and reducing the health and economic burden attributed to improper treatments.”
Woong-Yang Park, Prof. Dr., Founder and CEO of Geninus added: “Geninus is a Samsung Genome Institute spinoff, providing clinical genome analysis solutions to precision medicine clinics. Geninus aims to implement single cell genome analysis techniques to facilitate personalized patient care. Immune cell profile of cancer tissues or peripheral blood correlates with clinical responses to immunotherapy. Scailyte’s machine learning model will add value to the single-cell gene expression profile of patients. We hope to provide prognostic methods for immunotherapy response in precision medicine clinics through collaboration with Scailyte.”
About Scailyte
Scailyte AG is a spin-off of ETH Zurich and combines single-cell technologies, high-quality datasets, and machine learning methods to identify disease-specific biomarkers with a focus on oncology and immunology. Scailyte’s proprietary best-in-class data analysis platform (ScaiVision) associates multimodal single-cell datasets with clinical endpoints in order to identify ultra-sensitive biomarker signatures. Thanks to the single-cell resolution and AI-driven approach, ScaiVision is a powerful and cutting-edge approach to precisely diagnose or predict therapy response. Scailyte leverages a broad network of top clinicians to identify disease indications with highly unmet medical needs, and collaborates with global pharmaceutical and biotech companies to translate the novel biomarkers into ultra-sensitive  diagnostic  applications. 
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About Geninus
Geninus provides clinical genome analysis solutions for personalized cancer treatment with targeted therapeutics and immunotherapy in major hospitals in Korea and Japan. Clinical sequencing platform covers information management systems, bioinformatics pipeline, variant annotation, clinical report, and data center as one system. OncoSTATION, a user interface for the clinical sequencing platform, can be installed in hospital information systems. Geninus operates a single-cell genome and spatial transcriptome analysis platform, Celinus, for biomarker discovery. Collaborations with clinicians and pharmaceutical companies enable Celinus to unearth new druggable targets or diagnostic markers in tumor microenvironment cells.
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Source: Scailyte