Savvy Cleaner and Verify My Records Provide Trained House Cleaners Photo ID Badges

Savvy Cleaner and Verify My Records are encouraging all house cleaners to wear photo ID badges while on the job. 
“Many homeowners are now asking for proof of insurance, proof of worker’s compensation, proof of vaccination, and training from the people they allow in their homes to clean,” says Savvy Cleaner CEO, Angela Brown.
“Instead of cleaning technicians trying to remember to get back with a client on this, the homeowner can now scan a QR code on a photo id badge and verify the training and work eligibility on the spot.”
Savvy Cleaner is providing Verify My Records copies of all the certifications from active members going through the Savvy Cleaner Training program. Photo ID badges from early adopters started shipping last week. 
About Savvy Cleaner
Savvy Cleaner is a training program that certifies professional house cleaners and maids. The training includes courses on chemical safety, personal protective equipment, eco cleaning supplies, how to clean, and how to sanitize cleaning tools and equipment between jobs. 
“The Savvy Cleaner mission is to raise the standards of professional house cleaning,” says Angela Brown, a professional cleaner for 25 years, “by protecting the cleaner and the homeowner. We’re now adding photo ID badges with QR codes that link back to verified training.”
About Verify My Records
Verify My Records creates a custom page for each cleaning technician that includes any information that tech or their company wants to include in the verification process. This can be training, insurance, work eligibility, vaccinations, school diplomas, memberships to the chamber of commerce, or Better Business Bureau, etc. A QR code is created that links back to this page. While the QR code is added to the wearable photo ID badge, it can also be added to a cleaning company’s website, marketing materials, invoices, cleaning worksheets, and business cards.
“Homeowners can verify the credentials of their house cleaner before any job, and if not at home during the cleaning, match the photo with their camera doorbell as the cleaner who is authorized to be cleaning in their home,” says Savvy Cleaner CEO, Angela Brown.
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