Sausage Factory: Sex, Guys, and Videotape (Part 1)

Sex, Guys, and Videotape: Zack and Gilby’s part time jobs at a video store end in disaster, when Gilby’s attempt to rent porn to minors creates an addiction problem for JC, and girlfriend troubles for Ted. Sausage Factory: Follow the hilarious lives of four best buddies as they try to survive their junior year of high school. There’s Zack, who’s trying to win over his unrequited crush Lisa; Ted, the rich kid who can’t score with his girlfriend Nancy; JC, who gets hit on by women old enough to be his mother; and Gilby, the class clown who’s always stirring up trouble. Starring: Johnny Lewis (Gilby Van Horn), Adam Brody (Zack Altman), Andi Eystad (Lisa Holiday), Kenny Fisher (JC Climan), Adam Frost (Ted Ogilvy), and Kristen Renton (Nancy Winograd) Guest Star: Sarah Carter (Valerie)

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