Sandra Rojo and Stan Miller’s New Book ‘If You Ain’t Having Fun, You Ain’t Doing It Right!’ Shares Practical Insights That Lead to a Fruitful and More Meaningful Life

Sandra Rojo and Stan Miller, cofounders of several business enterprises, including Journey to Authentic Living, a professional personal development services company that helps people overcome limiting beliefs, achieve greater success, and live more rewarding and fulfilling lives, have completed their new book “If You Ain’t Having Fun, You Ain’t Doing It Right!”: a potent guide to surpassing one’s limitations and attain fulfillment and grace in life.
Sandra and Stan write, “Despite countless books, articles, and seminars on the topic and related subject matter, many people these days continue to struggle in an attempt to live successful, rewarding, and fulfilling lives.
Many of the works that have been published on the topic of purposeful living involve complex research and explanations that are hard for most people to understand and relate to or just do not resonate with the reader.
Regardless of how hard we try to make it, the simple fact is, most of the challenges and obstacles we encounter in living purposeful and joyful lives are a direct result of limiting beliefs.
Sandra and Stan have written a short, simple, and easy-to-read book that addresses some of the most salient impediments to living rewarding and fulfilling lives and provides concise and easy-to-apply methods for quickly overcoming many major impediments to living authentically and tips for significantly improving one’s ability to move beyond striving to thriving!
The title to their book provides a simple yet profound message: ‘If you ain’t having fun, you ain’t doing it right! And if you aren’t doing it right, you’re likely not having much fun!’
Learn how limiting beliefs and emotions lead to chronic problems both physical and nonphysical.
Discover major impediments to success and how to overcome them.
Gain valuable tips on how to quickly eliminate or mitigate many problems contributing to a lack of success and joy in your life.
Start living a more rewarding and fulfilling life now!”
Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Sandra Rojo and Stan Miller’s new book focuses on identifying the tenets to positive reinforcement as well as various dilemmas that can hinder one’s progress toward accomplishment.
Readers can purchase “If You Ain’t Having Fun, You Ain’t Doing It Right!” at bookstores everywhere or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Covenant Books