San Diego Injury Attorney Gordon Levinson Authorizes Grant to Support Those Affected by Hurricane Ida

Recently, Hurricane Ida hit landfall devastating the Gulf Coast. The winds and subsequent storm surge partially reversed the flow of the Mississippi River. A phenomenon that is almost unheard of.
Once Ida hit, the storm headed north causing brutal havoc in its path. It continued on to hit New York and New Jersey, leaving death and destruction in its wake. Every location along the storm’s trajectory, including Mississippi, Tennessee, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, was hit with gale-force winds, tornadoes, and floods.
Over a million homes and businesses in Louisiana, arguably the most severely hit state, are still without power and dozens have died. The overall death toll in the wake of Ida has yet to be tallied. Following the storm are periods of stifling heat. People with families have little left in the way of food, nothing much to call a shelter if they lost their home, have nowhere to go and are living without knowing what is coming next. Ida was one of the most severe storms to ever introduce itself to the United States mainland, even worse than Hurricane Katrina.
San Diego car accident attorney, Gordon Levinson is pleased to announce that the Max and Anna Levinson Foundation is sending $15,000 to community organizations working on the ground to help people in the Gulf Coast and the eastern United States. The organizations selected have the resources and community infrastructures in place to ensure help is distributed fairly and as rapidly as possible.
“Community is not just where we live,” stated Levinson, “it is about the nation as a community as well. We are here to help each other, no matter where we are in this great nation. If there is a critical need, we all need to support the national community. We cannot go it alone without help.”
The personal injury and car accident attorneys at The Levinson Law Group specialize in helping people injured in high-impact high-velocity auto accidents. Unlike other personal injury law firms that take any case that comes through the door, the Levinson Law Group only represents clients with serious catastrophic injuries, or aggrieved loved ones of those who have been killed in Southern California fatal car accidents.
The firm’s laser-like focus on only the most seriously injured victims of vehicular negligence – those most in need of help – allows them to do the most good for the community.
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Source: Levinson Law Group