San Diego Chef and Philanthropist Vick Vannucci Adds South American Flavor, Purpose to Kensington Neighborhood With Pachamama

Vibrant color. Energetic culture. Authentic cuisine and a lot of love.
These are the characteristics that make up the essence of Pachamama – a health-conscious and eco-friendly restaurant in the heart of Kensington on Adams Avenue.
Steeped in South American tradition and rooted in Argentinian-Italian family values, Pachamama Founder and Chef Vick Vannucci is as dynamic as the dishes she serves-lively, full of passion and sprinkled with positivity.
At 38, Vannucci opened the doors of Pachamama in 2019 to make a meaningful contribution and connection with others. 
“I opened Pachamama with the sole purpose of helping my community and the planet,” she said. “I never imagined that I would live through a pandemic with my first restaurant.”
A symbol of transformation for Vannucci and an extension of her personal journey, Pachamama celebrates the sense of integrity she’s harvested along the way.
Vannucci previously lived another life as a celebrity – initially as a professional tennis player in Argentina, which evolved into a successful modeling career, among other things.
She ultimately left everything behind, arriving in the U.S. in 2015 to start over.
Vannucci believes that creating a healthy foundation means leading by example through action.
“I started farming. I started connecting with the Earth, with my family,” she said.
Her newfound appreciation and understanding for how food is grown and prepared taught her how to be a good steward of the planet.
Pachamama, which serves soul-nourishing superfoods, is aptly named after “Mother Earth” and only uses locally sourced ingredients.
Created with sustainability and animal welfare in mind, Vannucci’s culinary creations are derived from the intentional practice of respect for everyone and everything.
Ten percent of the profit from Pachamama each month goes to animal welfare.
“For me honesty is the face of Pachamama,” Vannucci said. “We have the responsibility to change and the people here want that.”
It’s with a philosophy of Earth, health, transparency and respect that Vannucci developed her deep love of indigenous cuisine.
Her exposure to South American culture and food, including the Amazon in Peru, was influential in her manifestation of the flavorful Peruvian-Japanese fusion.
“Pachamama’s mission is to provide exciting, exotic flavors from farm to table starting with the soil it is harvested in,” she said.
Everything is made from scratch in the Pachamama kitchen.
All plates are organic and feature vegan dishes, grass-fed beef and sustainably caught fish across its offerings of innovative bites, mains and sides such as empanadas, tacos and quinoa bowls.
At the core of Pachamama is family, love and service to the people it feeds each day, with the hope of leaving a footprint that uplifts the community and world.
“I think everything happened for a reason. COVID-19 helped me better understand the business. I think Pachamama survived because of my community and I’m grateful.”
To experience Pachamama head to 3737 Adams Avenue or visit: or
Source: Pachamama