San Diego-Based Golden State Greens Embeds Culture of Community Service Within Its Cannabis Brand

Coming off the Aug. 7 BeerX music festival in Mission Beach, Golden States Greens is looking to keep momentum when it comes to getting out into the San Diego community and sharing its message with consumers to “Enjoy the Experience.”
A trusted partner within the cannabis space, the Point Loma-based dispensary has community involvement embedded in its culture.
“What we want is to create an inclusionary approach with our marketing and our brand,” said Chief Marketing Officer Alex Leon. “Cannabis is for pretty much everyone, which means we’ve got to always be mindful about education. For us, it’s a simple message of embracing people as humans and not treating them as data points.”
Golden State Greens has been involved in the community since its inception in a variety of ways including school supply and food drives, community cleanups and fundraisers.
“We want the community to know that we’re a brand they can count on, not just for cannabis but as a business that always has their back,” Leon said. “As major players in the local cannabis industry, it’s important that others see our hearts and know that we genuinely care about the general health of the people in our community and what they’re going through.”
The Cannabis You Can Trust brand hopes to be viewed as altruistic in its motives to help others whether it’s raising money or awareness for a particular cause because these attributes are consistent within its brand principles.
“For us, it’s always been about trying to better our surroundings and participate in any we can to improve the environment and community in a way that gives them a feeling of support,” Leon said.
Golden States Greens is hosting an end-of-summer beach cleanup in partnership with Purpose First on Aug. 28 that starts on the boardwalk, south of the Pacific Beach pier, at 11 a.m.
“We’re getting together as volunteers and encouraging everyone to come out and participate in beautifying the beaches that we all know and love,” Leon said. “We grew up with it and respect it so we want to take care of it.” 
Golden State Greens will pass out $25-off vouchers that must be used that day and will be handed out at the end of the walk to anyone who comes out to help.
“This community cleanup is something that’s necessary and we want to get people excited about it.”
In addition, the beach-centric brand is hosting a food drive in November. “It’s a great honor to support the community as well as local charities that are plugged into helping out the people in need,” Leon said. “We’re looking forward to having people come out to our events and participate with us in giving back.”
For more information about upcoming events, call (844) 420-8387 or visit the company’s website at
Source: Golden State Greens