Samuel Lefevre’s New Book ‘The Perfect Gift’ is a Greatly Inspiring Opus That Lays Down Steps to Complete a Faithful Relationship With the Divine Creator

Fulton Books author Samuel Lefevre, a writer and minister living in the United States, has completed his most recent book “The Perfect Gift”: a wisdom-filled manuscript that utilizes theories exploring the existence of the Creator. This work also shares one’s personal journey to bring a testimony that people who lost their way can still come back and redeem themselves in faith.

Samuel shares, “While the world measures success by the accomplishment of a personal goal or an objective, everlasting success is the fulfillment of the purpose of one’s existence. Without a true identity and a defined purpose, there is no foundation for a life of freedom and success. I call this book the Titanic remake of the Bible in the sense that it is Bible study with a love story in it. This masterpiece uses scientific reasoning, theological analogies, and a personal biography to recommend six steps that complete a faithful relationship with the divine Creator. During this individual walk of faith, my hope is that you will be introduced to your Perfect Gift, who will help guide you to the purpose of your existence here on earth. The goal of this book is to free you from the bondage of religion and culture by helping you establish your spiritual identity and fulfill your purpose.”
Published by Fulton Books, Samuel Lefevre’s book inspires people to seek their full identity in Christ. It gives them encouragement and wisdom to discover, pursue, and fulfill the purpose of their life.
This book brings any individual from all walks of life to create a more intimate and faithful relationship with the Father.
Readers who wish to experience this spirit-strengthening work can purchase “The Perfect Gift” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books