Sambrosa Care Launches New Website for Allergy Nighttime Syrup

Sambrosa Care, manufacturers of one of The Netherlands’ leading sleep syrup products, is proud to announce the launch of their new website—plus a growing presence in the U.S. market. Originally founded in the Netherlands, Sambrosa allergy relief syrup is a gentle and naturally-based syrup made from organic herbs and a small dose of doxylamine that serves as both an effective allergy remedy and one of the leading remedies to help sleep. And while it has been on the market for a long time, the new U.S. website launch will make Sambrosa Night Syrup available to U.S. consumers.
Sambrosa Night Syrup is made from a carefully curated blend of ingredients, with 98% natural herbs and a small dose of the antihistamine doxylamine to support better sleep. Its organic ingredients include California poppy, white chestnut, hops, oats, mistletoe, honey, and passionflower, all of which contribute to the syrup’s unique relaxing properties.
According to the Sambrosa Care team, Sambrosa Night Syrup is also among the best OTC antihistamine products thanks to the addition of doxylamine, which is both a sedative and a common ingredient in products offering nighttime cold and allergy relief. 
Those interested in trying natural products like passionflower for sleep may find that Sambrosa Night Syrup offers quick relief from common sleep interferences, with subtle sedative effects that can help address anxiety, insomnia, and restlessness. Consumers who have reported significant success with the syrup include individuals who work irregular shifts, individuals in demanding and stressful jobs, and women who are undergoing menopause. 
Interested readers are invited to shop Sambrosa Night Syrup or contact the Sambrosa Care team for more information.
About Sambrosa Care
Sambrosa Care is committed to making dreams of better sleep come true, with a dedicated allergy relief syrup that does double duty as a gentle and effective sleep aid. Founded in the Netherlands and later bought by a Canadian family, Sambrosa’s night syrup is part of a longstanding commitment to natural-based ingredients and is made with organic herbs and no dyes, synthetic colors, or high fructose corn syrup.
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Source: Sambrosa Care