RxBioLabs launches line of Prepared Autoimmune Protocol Meals for Nationwide Home Delivery

Freehold NJ – Rx AIP Meals will offer fresh, Chef Prepared Meals for Autoimmune Diseases through an e-commerce platform and will deliver them Nationwide Direct To Door (DTD).

A company spokesperson stated that “At Rx AIP Meals, we set out to tackle Autoimmune Diseases and a well thought out Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Meal Plan is the first step in that process. While an AIP Meal Plan is not a cure, it can make you symptom-free, which means you’ll Feel Better and can Start Regaining Control of your Life Again!”

Rx AIP Meals is the creation of a member of the RxBioLabs Senior Management team as someone who has been dealing with the effects of Autoimmune Diseases for the majority of her adult life. She realized the importance of diet and the benefits of reducing inflammation in helping her body recover, but couldn’t adhere to it with her busy schedule and spearheaded the creation of Rx AIP Meals to help others like herself.

The Rx AIP meal recipes are the product of Doctors, Nutritionists, Dietitians and Chefs, to create stay fresh deliverable prepared meals. The Rx AIP Meal Plan is designed for you to become symptom free and establish a base line of what you can eat. Once this stage is achieved, the meals can be modified to reintroduce other foods into your diet and monitor your body’s reaction.
The Rx AIP Meals website also states that they’ve “taken out the bulk of the Un-Healthy sugars, fats, preservatives, and sodium from our Autoimmune Disease Meals that compromises your health, your waistlines, your efficiency, and your ability to function and feel good. To get the BEST Results we’ve chosen the fuel your body needs to get the Normalcy you want out of Life”

About RxBioLabs:
RxBioLabs, a Formulator, Manufacturer and Distributor of Cosmeceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Prepared Meals and Life Science products.

The team at RxBioLabs is constantly expanding to bring you new and innovative high-quality products. Our quality assurance standards ensure that the ingredients in all products are from the best raw materials for the highest potency that you expect and demand. Your business is important to us. Our entire staff is always ready to provide you with product information and personalized, friendly service.