RVupgrades Announces New Hydraulic Leveling Systems Line

RVupgrades has announced that the Bigfoot line of hydraulic leveling systems for the Ford Transit 350 Class C will be available in March 2020. The chassis has been used by RV companies for several years, but the leveling systems have not been previously available.

The Bigfoot leveling systems are made in America and can be bolted onto the RV without needing to do any drilling or modifying the chassis frame in any way. Upon its release, this will be the only hydraulic leveling system for this chassis available in the US market. This leveling system is used on Ford Transit 350/350 HD Gas/Diesel cutaway chassis from 2013 or later.

There are two models of the hydraulic leveling system available — the PC-FT1 and the AC-FT1. The PC-FT1 can level the vehicle in 30 seconds and is rated to lift 8000 pounds per cylinder with 13 inches of travel. The AC-FT1 levels a vehicle in 60 to 90 seconds and also includes a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Both models also come with an automatic retract.

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