Ruth Skeens’ New Book ‘The Spirit That Soars’ is an Amusing Compilation of Real Life Experiences That Opened the Pathway to Self-Discovery and Awakening

Fulton Books Author, Ruth Skeens, a Midwest native, a loving mother and wife, a meticulous business consultant, speaker, and author; has completed her most recent book “The Spirit That Soars”: a thought-provoking journey to transforming and awakening helmed from decades of experiences and conversations. This book is a reflection of the author’s twenty years of discovery both in her personal and professional life. Her account is an inspiration for readers who wish to unlock a higher level of consciousness. It also offers different pathways for the readers to follow as they set forth into their awakening journey.

Skeens shares, “In the United States, as in many countries, we’re a culture that supports and values intellectual quotient (IQ) development in our educational systems. However, we neglect the emotional quotient (EQ) as it’s not mainstream in our schools unless a person chooses to study the field of psychology. Emotions can play havoc in our personal and professional lives in times of change if we don’t develop our emotional intelligence. Dr. W. Edwards Deming said, ‘It’s not mandatory to change. Survival is not mandatory.’
With all that the world faces today, the pandemic, racial tensions, frequent hurricanes, and forest fires have challenged humanity in ways unprecedented. Our moral compasses don’t always point true north due to this myriad of disruptions. Our emotions, especially fear and anger, can derail a person, or groups of people quickly. We’re being challenged to navigate life in new ways, which requires us to move to higher levels of consciousness, or being awake and more aware of one’s surroundings.
The Spirit That Soars! contains a multitude of pathways that a person may choose to follow in ‘waking up’ to life. This book is a compilation of true stories, experiences, and conversations. The tools and exercises have been tried and tested and found to be true to their intent; some are designed for personal use and others for groups of people. The big D of diversity is the basis of this work and relates to all cultures, ethnic backgrounds, gender, age, religious beliefs, economic levels, and education. It’s time to awaken.”
Published by Fulton Books, Ruth Skeens’ book is a compelling memoir that encourages people to wake up and examine their hearts. In these trying times, it is not simply enough to be a human doer, but to be a human being also and what that truly means.
This might just be the book that everyone needs to read. The wisdom embedded can be life-changing not just for the reader but also for the people around them.
Readers who wish to experience this potent work can purchase “The Spirit That Soars” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books