Rule14 Awarded the Coveted Deep Analysis Innovation Index Award for 2021

Rule 14 (“Rule14”), an AI company offering a suite of solutions and services powered by predictive analytics, today announced that it has been awarded the Innovation Index Award 2021 by Deep Analysis, an independent tech advisory firm. Deep Analysis selected Rule14 from over 150 vendors as a top innovator in the category of Cognitive Capture. Amongst the four key selection criteria: solves problems, applies ingenuity, adds value, and shows flexibility, Rule14 emerged as one of the top standouts.
Rule14’s deep learning technologies have been deployed into live environments starting with the healthcare and public sectors, and plans are in motion to expand into other industries.
Jito Chadha, Rule14’s CEO notes, “We’ve been refining the R14 platform over the years to optimize the time and effort it takes us to build, deploy and monitor AI-enhanced workflows. The speed at which we are now able to integrate intelligent automation for customers is moving exponentially, and we are grateful Deep Analysis has recognized this achievement. We have truly enjoyed experiencing the business impacts of our platform, most recently in our Intelligent Document Processing and Intelligent Search deployments. This is only the beginning as we actively deliver our platform to new customers and markets.”
According to Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Founder of Deep Analysis, “Deep Learning today, and its potential for use in the real business world, has been limited. Rule14 is one of the first vendors to leverage deep learning to solve practical, niche, but mission critical business problems.”
The report calls out Rule14’s deep experience with neural networks and diverse, patented AI technologies. Furthermore, it recognizes Rule14 as among the new breed of disruptive AI software providers that have figured out how to make deep learning work to solve practical business problems.
About Rule14: 
Rule14, an AI solutions group, offers a platform to achieve faster development and deployment of AI-enabled processes that range from industrial process automation to intelligent data search and filtering. R14’s platform includes a drag-and-drop workflow studio replete with trained intelligence models, deep nets and machine learning models that can learn from data. Additionally, the R14 platform has a full DevOps kit to manage deployment optimization and a cloud IDE for instant collaboration across a distributed workforce from any web browser. From forecasting electric load across millions of smart meters for energy traders, to intelligent processing of various structured unstructured types of documents such as automated summaries for legal content aggregators, Rule14 offers industry-agnostic solutions for intelligent process automation.
About Deep Analysis:
Deep Analysis is an advisory firm that helps organizations understand and address the challenges of innovative and disruptive technologies in the enterprise software marketplace. Its work is built on decades of experience in advising and consulting to global technology firms large and small, from SAP, Oracle, and HP to countless start-ups.
Deep Analysis works with technology vendors to improve their understanding and provide actionable guidance on current and future market opportunities.
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