Ruel James Art Gallery Announces its Grand Opening

Witness some of the finest and internationally renowned pieces of artwork by acclaimed artist Ruel James featuring his original paintings, breath taking sculpture artistry & charcoal sketchwork at the recently opened Ruel James Art Gallery in Las Vegas

23rd November 2020 – The Ruel James Art Gallery will display original Ruel James paintings and sculptures. In the past, Ruel James’s work has found recognition in Europe as well as America’s leading art galleries. This opportunity was a great privilege for Ruel James, but the artist was desperately missing his connects with people who loved his art and were admirers of his craft, genuine art lovers.

One must visit the online art gallery of Ruel James and get the latest updates on impressive displays and new artworks. We love to talk about and live with art. Our collections reflect life through various pieces of art. The art you see over here is not just meant to compliment interior decor, whether at home or work but rather a subject of every coffee table conversation. The individuality of these artworks has to be appropriately represented. Very intimate and exciting. Art can and should be viewed as an investment or as a representation of individuality..

Ruel James proudly announces the opening of his exclusive art gallery featuring his original artwork. This is a place to connect with like-minded people, especially for art lovers and connoisseurs. People who are interested in art and Ruel James’ art should stop by the Ruel James Art Gallery in Las Vegas and spend some time here and enjoy the variety of work in peace and quiet. Ruel will typically visit one of his many customers during business hours to create new artwork or sculpture. If you can’t stop by, please visit the Ruel James online art gallery, where you can watch videos of Ruel James’ work.

About Ruel James

RUEL JAMES, born in Jamaica, and then raised in London, is a world-famous British artist. It has been noticed that he has unbelievable artistic talents during his early days in school. Ruel was so brilliant in his craft that several art agencies in London reached out to him. To work on artistic ventures, he earned several contracts to travel to different countries. This allowed him to traverse and live for short periods, and his name became well-known throughout Europe.

Ruel wanted to go to the U.S. after a promising art career in England and Europe. He went to New York City in Midtown Manhattan in the sixties. Shortly after that, Diamond Art Studio, Manhattan’s top design studio, signed him up. Diamonds served for only the best of the best, and New York’s outstanding accounts were from Diamonds. Many of the activities needed to “touch up” photographs that were corrected before they were fully printed. In the 1980s, this had to be achieved entirely by hand. Ruel is a master artist.