RoutingBox Integrates With the MTM Link Platform via Next Generation API

As MTM rolls out its proprietary MTM Link platform, it has integrated with a preferred routing, scheduling, and dispatching (RSD) partner: RoutingBox. The integration, achieved through a next-generation API, allows transportation providers who utilize RoutingBox to take advantage of the benefits of MTM Link, while continuing to use their existing RSD solution. The integration is being piloted by Widerange Transportation.
“While we encourage transportation providers to utilize MTM Link as their main RSD, we’re proud to offer API integration for convenience and ease-of-use,” said MTM CEO Alaina Maciá. “Our ability to support our providers’ RSD system of choice is a differentiator in our mobile app and technology strategy. With the support of preferred RSD partners like RoutingBox, we can push and pull data—including live GPS tracking—between MTM Link and the software our providers already use.”
With integrations like this, transportation providers can use their existing RSD platform to seamlessly exchange data with MTM Link, including pick-up, drop-off, and arrival time stamps and GPS data. This data gives MTM visibility into performance, including real-time trip status and vehicle tracking. The integration also allows providers to claim their trips faster by automatically transferring claims data to MTM upon trip completion. MTM’s ultimate goal is to also offer API integration with other comparable RSD software solutions.
“Many of our providers have taken great care in selecting their RSD solutions,” Maciá continued. “We respect their investments and desire to maintain operation-wide uniformity, and are excited to offer them a flexible approach to integrating with MTM Link—while allowing us to give our members and clients the transparency they deserve.”
About MTM
MTM is the nation’s most trusted partner for healthcare, transportation, and logistics solutions. Since 1995, MTM has managed NEMT for programs involving transportation for the disabled, underserved, and elderly. Leveraging MTM Link, MTM’s proprietary RSD platform built specifically for the NEMT industry, to streamline processes and improve the user experience, MTM’s wide spectrum of services help clients improve health outcomes, promote independence, reduce costs, and increase satisfaction. Every year, MTM removes community barriers for twelve million people by providing more than 20 million trips in 32 states and the District of Columbia. MTM is a privately held, woman-owned business enterprise.
About RoutingBox
RoutingBox is the most comprehensive transportation software suite built specifically for NEMT by NEMT experts. Dedicated to improving the industry since 2010, RoutingBox has covered over 297 million passenger miles, transported over one million unique passengers, and is used daily by more than 15,000 vehicles across 43 states. RoutingBox helps transporters save time and money with best-in-class features to help with scheduling, dispatching, route optimization, and billing. RoutingBox is owned and operated by Founders Software and headquartered in Buffalo, New York.
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Source: MTM, Inc.