Rosebud Woman Launches at Lab Organics, Breaking Into Australian Market

Rosebud Woman, the leader in women’s intimate wellness, is now available in Lab Organics — Australia’s leading organic and natural boutique beauty store. This watershed moment marks the company’s first launch outside of North America and its expansion into the Australian beauty marketplace.
Rosebud Woman creates exquisite intimate skin and body care formulations to support all of the stages of a woman’s sensual, sexual and reproductive life. Hormone- and toxin-free, the product line’s pure and potent formulations are based on impeccable plant-derived ingredients and sustainable making, working with and for the earth and each other. 
Widely regarded as the Australian beauty retailer at the forefront of the move towards a natural and organic lifestyle, Lab Organics serves as the ideal launch partner for Rosebud Woman. The Carlton North-based brick-and-mortar store and e-commerce website specialize in emerging niche natural and organic skin, body, hair care and make-up brands, curating the very best of plant-based beauty.
Since 2017, Rosebud Woman has been enjoyed by tens of thousands of women from all 50 states in the USA and in Canada, and is recommended by leading OB/GYNs and women’s health specialists. Rosebud is a female-led, family-run company founded by Christine Marie Mason, who started Rosebud Woman in response to women’s unaddressed needs.
Christine had noticed that intimate wellness products were primarily designed for use with a sexual partner, or medicalized to treat a diagnosed issue. She created the body care line to instead help shift women’s habits into everyday rituals and to encourage women to love and care for their whole selves. The products provide vital support for arousal, moisture, calming, freshness and resilience from menarche to menopause and beyond. In turn, Rosebud Woman is helping to normalize the intimate needs and desires of women and to facilitate greater body love — now on an international scale.  
Rosebud Woman and Lab Organics share the common mission of proving that the desire to go natural is no longer a compromise on effectiveness or luxury. The partners both offer experiences that encourage women to appreciate their bodies, cultivate greater comfort and pleasure, and to live sensitively and mindfully. Rosebud Woman was hand-selected by their experienced buying team, meeting extensive criteria that ensure undesirable synthetic chemicals are edited out, while focusing on results-driven high-end organic experiences. 
“We are honored that Rosebud Woman is now available in Australia through our partnership with Lab Organics. Together, we are able to bring a little more freedom and joy to women around the world,” says Christine. “Lab Organics’ mission aligns so well with our own — to offer environmentally friendly, non-toxic formulas that delight the senses and deliver on their promises. Women are coming into their rightful equal place in global society. Our hope is to encourage them to embrace greater reverence for the feminine, increased self-knowledge and deep care through daily love for the intimate self.”
The entire Rosebud Woman line is available in Lab Organics’ brick-and-mortar store and on the website, with shipping available to customers across the continent. 
About Rosebud Woman:
Rosebud Woman is a leader in women’s intimate wellness. Through products, education and inspiration, the brand creates conversations on women’s embodiment, sexuality and self-love. The intimate body care line provides vital support for arousal, moisture, calming, freshness and resilience for all stages of a woman’s life. Rosebud upholds the highest standards for personal care with ecological business practices and pure, potent formulations, based on impeccable, plant-derived ingredients. Visit to discover more about our collections and partners.
About Lab Organics:
The Lab Organics is a boutique organic skincare retailer at the forefront of the move towards a natural and organic lifestyle. Specializing in emerging niche natural and organic skin, body, hair care and make-up brands, The Lab Organics is regarded as Australia’s leading natural beauty store. The boutique retailer provides a hand-picked selection of the most advanced, cult organic beauty products from around Australia and the world. 
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