Ronnie Beaty’s New Book ‘Noodle Lui Finds a Family’ Brings a Heartwarming Dog’s Tale About Finding One’s Home and the Love in Belongingness

Ronnie Beaty, an author who has worked at Neiman Marcus for over 15 years, has completed his most recent book “Noodle Lui Finds a Family”: a stirring and heartfelt illustrated story for kids that follows a dog who always felt isolated and different because of her lack of fur and her insecurities, until time passes by and she realizes that she is loved and she could fit in.
Ronnie writes, “Noodle didn’t feel like she belonged, sad to not have a place. Luckily, she found a crew that loved her like she was.
She figured out that maybe she wasn’t so different after all. She really did belong. Happily ever after! Now time for the dance party!”
Published by Fulton Books, Ronnie Beaty’s book is a wonderful creation designed to show kids that it’s okay to be different and we always have a place to belong.
It teaches everyone how we should keep in mind that our differences should not set us apart from everyone else, but makes us special instead.
Readers who wish to experience this lovely work can purchase “Noodle Lui Finds a Family” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books