Ron Richie’s New Book ‘POMES for GNOMES (And Everyone Else)’ is a Meaningful Poetry Collection of Life and Its Whims

Fulton Books author Ron Richie, a retired post-office worker, a loving husband, father, and grandfather; has completed his most recent book “POMES FOR GNOMES (and everyone else)”: an enthralling poetry read that offers a profound effect on the readers’ lives. The poems included in this collection are inspired by the conflict and adversity brought by the author’s friends and family. It is also a culmination of his dreams; dreams that helped him escape his reality.

Richie shares, “To every Gnome in Rome…and elsewhere.  It has been said, that in order to master anything, to hone one’s talents, whatever they may be, a person must first endure a gauntlet of suffering, including being pummeled by insults and derision from friends and family.  This book is the culmination of suffering years of adversity from spouse, siblings, children, workplace peers, and even sometimes, my own self-condemnation.  The title; ‘Pomes for Gnomes’ comes from my love for fairy tales.  The term ‘pome’ actually has two definitions.  One is a fruit with its seeds in the middle, such as an apple, and the other is a poetic form of ‘poem.’  My apologies to apples, I have chosen the latter.  I have always been an avid reader and as a young boy I discovered the world of imagination in poetic literature.  There is no limit to human imagination, and my favorite literature has always been science fiction, fairy tales, and fantasy.  I grew up reading comic books and fairy tales, letting my imagination take me on a trip with the make-believe characters.  When you read a story, you become the hero and you own the adventure, and when the story is a fantasy, you become a superhero.  Someone once said that dreams are necessary to life, and I firmly believe that.  In that regard, a fiction writer could be called a dream maker.  This book is an expression of some of my dreams.  Some of my ‘pomes’ are an escape from reality, some may be a personification of it, and some are nonsensical.  I hope you find them mostly humorous and entertaining.”
Published by Fulton Books, Ron Richie’s book is a riveting piece that draws a lot of emotions from the readers. The vulnerability, tenderness, along with the humor filled in every page of this book, just show how fascinating life on Earth can be.
POMES FOR GNOMES (and everyone else) is carefully penned with imagery that will sink deep into the heart, making it a recommended read for poetry lovers out there.
Readers who wish to experience this mesmerizing work can purchase “POMES FOR GNOMES (and everyone else)” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books