Ron Baratono is Working on a Third Book Set to Roll Out in 2021

American author Ronald David Baratono is famed for his books on human perception, interaction, powerful inspirational poems, personal quotes, spiritual faith and how it relates to life’s challenges. The author announces that he is currently working on his third book and expects to finish and release it in 2021. The author is credited with publishing two notable books, 100 published quotes, and over 70 published poems. His writings have been so well-received throughout the internet, creating a broad base following of internet users sharing his writings every day. Numerous quote sites place his writings on designed backdrops for their readers to enjoy.
The Writings of Ron Baratono released in 2015, and Our Reflections released in 2018. One of the aspects that distinguish the author from other credible writers in the world is his ability to cater to a broader audience. His books are famous worldwide and widely discussed on social networking platforms like Reddit and Wattpad. His readership has capture readers of all ages, including business managers, high-end stockbrokers, and other authors. Ron has been quoted next to some of the greatest motivational speakers and celebrities of our time, such as Dr. Wayne Dyer. His poetry resides next to some of the greatest poets the world has read, such as Robert Frost and others.
“Look at the bright side of life, and the bright side will look at you. The reflections we send out always return.” – Ron Baratono
Some of Ron’s praised masterpieces of words include, The Frozen Path, Broken Pieces, Stronger Love, The Garden Chair, My Life, Forgotten Words, My Brother, My Sisters, Did You Love Me. These writing and others have gone viral on the internet, creating millions of readers to his credit.
The tremendous emotional journey readers take and the importance of relationships and loving people in their lives has made both of his books a hit among their fans, giving a clearer understanding as emotions unfold from time to time, which are sometimes challenging. That’s the reason why Ron’s fans look forward to his next book in 2021 to take part in a new journey of self-reflection and celebrate the authentic relationships established with pure love in our lives.
Being one of the top read authors on the internet, Baratono is very much admired for his excellent use of his words to exert a powerful impact. Baratono is a critically acclaimed author with his writings, particularly the soul-awakening poetry, prayers and quotes enriched in their glory, giving us a timeless reading experience.
“One of the most beautiful feelings in life is pure love without a second thought.” ― Ron Baratono.
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