Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers Still Fighting to Get Client Maria Garcia’s $3 Million Judgment Against Pinellas County School Board

Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers is pleased to announce that Florida Politics has published an article highlighting one of our personal injury cases. Florida Politics wrote about our client Maria Garcia, a pedestrian who was struck and injured by a Pinellas County school bus. Ms. Garcia suffered catastrophic injuries, including broken bones, internal bleeding, internal organ damage, and a traumatic brain injury, among other things. 
The bus accident left Ms. Garcia, a single mother of two daughters, in critical condition. She spent two full months at Bayfront Hospital’s trauma center and has had extensive follow-up treatment since her discharge. Ms. Garcia is now permanently disabled and will need life-long medical care. She requires help with many daily tasks and cannot walk more than a few feet at a time.
Roman Austin Personal Injury Lawyers filed a personal injury lawsuit against the Pinellas County School Board to help Ms. Garcia recover compensation for her many damages. Our law firm was proud to obtain a $3 million judgment on Ms. Garcia’s behalf. This money will help our client cover her past and future medical expenses, lost income, and other damages. However, as Florida Politics notes, Florida’s sovereign immunity laws protect the state government from liability in certain lawsuits. Currently, Florida law limits damages in personal injury claims against the government to $200,000 per person.
The Claims Bills – SB 4 and HB 6017
The school board has paid $200,000 of Ms. Garcia’s judgment. However, Ms. Garcia would need a “claims bill” to recover the full value of her judgment. Claims bills allow the state legislature to override the damage caps in civil cases against government entities. Democratic Sen. Darryl Rouson and Republican Rep. Linda Chaney have both filed claims bills on behalf of Ms. Garcia for the 2023 legislative session (SB 4, HB 6017). The Florida legislature must approve one of the bills before Ms. Garcia can receive the remaining $2.8 million of her judgment. 
Roman Austin is committed to getting Ms. Garcia justice. We intend to help our client recover the compensation she needs to pay for medical bills, recoup lost wages, and make up for her pain and suffering. That’s why we continue to petition members of the legislature to vote in favor of SB 4 and HB 6017. 
If you would like to help Ms. Garcia in her pursuit of justice, contact your local elected officials and ask them to approve a claims bill to award Ms. Garcia the judgment she rightly deserves. You can find contact information for your district’s senator here. You can find contact information for your district’s state representative here.
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