Rokid Air Announces Launch of Advanced 4K AR Glasses With 120″ Virtual Screen & Voice Control AI

Today, the AR experts at Rokid announced the Kickstarter launch of Rokid Air, a game-changing new set of 4K AR glasses that deliver a stunning 120″ virtual screen experience for movies, games, apps and more with voice control AI. Rokid Air glasses are available now on Kickstarter:
With AI voice control, gesture control via smartphone, and myopia-friendly focal adjustment, Rokid Air enhances the AR experience and takes games and movies to a whole new level. The Rokid Air AR glasses are powerful, intuitive and lightweight enough for daily use. Simply put them on to experience a huge 120″ virtual screen that provides an unprecedented immersive, 4K multimedia experience.
Rokid Air just may be the most convenient 4K AR glasses available today. Thanks to an advanced AI voice recognition system, and voice commands, they give new meaning to the term “total control.” Using an HD directional speaker and noise-canceling microphone, users can simply speak voice commands to manage apps and control playback of multimedia. It’s like having a personal cinema and virtual assistant all in one.
“Nothing beats taking games and movies from the small screens of mobile devices to an ultra-high-definition massive virtual screen. Our latest 4K AR glasses give users a lightweight, portable, and private personal cinema experience that is unparalleled. The images are simply stunning. However, with Rokid Air, we went one step further, empowering the glasses with AI-driven voice recognition that lets users take control while staying hands-free. Now, the 4K big screen experience is more convenient than ever,” said Zhu Mingming, CEO, Rokid.
Rokid Air glasses are also ultra-portable and super lightweight at only 90 grams. They are perfect for travel and long viewing sessions for movies and games. Notably, they don’t require charging — instead, they are powered by the device they are tethered to, giving them the ability to run longer with wide compatibility with virtually any mobile devices, gaming consoles, laptops and tablets. With portability in mind, they are also totally discreet and the on-screen content cannot be seen by anyone other than the wearer.
Rokid Air is also perfect for prescription glasses wearers. By turning the focus adjustment knobs, nearsighted users (myopia of -5.00 D or less) can achieve perfect vision for gaming, multimedia, apps and movies.
Rokid Air 4K AR Glasses With Voice Control AI gives on-the-go users a powerful tool for viewing multimedia in an immersive, portable, and convenient way. They are the perfect AR glasses for daily use and are available now on Kickstarter with special pricing for early adopters. To learn more, visit the campaign here:
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