Rob’s School of Music Teaches Multigenerational Students How to Play Instruments, Achieve Goals and Have Fun While They Fall in Love With Music

In March 2020, Rob Spampinato — musician, songwriter and founder of Rob’s School of Music — had to figure out how to continue to keep his all-ages music education program running despite the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing small businesses across the world to close their doors. The innovative teacher and business owner, whose philosophy is building confidence and creativity through music, realized that this opened up more possibilities for his students. “With the world changing, we’ve been given the amazing gift of time,” says Rob. “Sports aren’t completely safe yet, going on vacation is still risky, but learning an instrument virtually is 100% safe.”
“The biggest universal benefit from virtual lessons is the practice time,” he says. “During an in-person lesson, the student drives up to 20 minutes to the school. They take their 30-minute lesson and then drive home. At this point, they are a half an hour removed from their lesson. First thing they do is cook or eat dinner, do homework, play video games, etc. They won’t touch that instrument for a day or two. With virtual lessons, you get to log into the lesson from your bedroom, and after the lesson is complete, you are still at home with the instrument in your hands. We are finding that students are practicing 30-90 minutes right after their lesson. This is when everything is fresh in their minds, so their retention and progress is incredible.”
“My philosophy is music should be fun; we play music,” says Rob. “I’ve developed a system in which we take the student’s specific goals and interests and create a custom music curriculum just for them, and we focus on positive reinforcement. I find if we get to why they want to learn, we can help them achieve their goals and give them the skills to play music forever.”
In April 2020, Rob decided to broaden his students’ horizons even further by creating a YouTube interview series. Each episode features a professional musician talking about their careers and the advice that they can impart on the school’s students. With over 50 interviews to date, Rob has featured members of Bon Jovi, Kiss and Guns N’ Roses. 
Rob’s School of Music is a music education program that serves students of all ages and levels. They give local in person lessons and teach students virtually from all over the country. 
Rob has been sponsored by PRS Guitars since 2007.
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