Robert Thrift’s New Book ‘Rivers to Cross’ is an Interesting Narrative of Two Young Men’s Relentless Journey Throughout the Unexpected Waves of Life

Fulton Books author Robert Thrift is a husband, a father, a Baptist minister, a founding partner of Waco Psychological Associates, and a licensed psychologist. He has completed his most recent book “Rivers to Cross”:  a riveting and beautiful story of a hard life that got by through the help of personal relationships and histories.
Thrift shares, “Rivers to Cross begins with the family history of two young men whose origins came from opposite sides of the Rio Grande. It then follows them from birth on into adulthood where they were unwilling to allow prejudice or their many differences divide them. They shared each other’s joys and tragedies, agreements and disagreements, highs, and lows. Though following very different life courses, they maintained a respect for one another and a commitment to one another that shaped their worldview.”
Published by Fulton Books, Robert Thrift’s book is a stirring read that takes one back to an eventful past and gives a sense of purpose to the present.
This book also tells a story of happiness and tragedy which in moments passed earns great respect and commitment to a certain person. Journeying life with great people is indeed better and more fulfilling.
Readers who wish to experience this sentimental work can purchase “Rivers to Cross” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books