Robert Rhodes’ New Book ‘Library of Bible Questions’ is an Illuminating Collection of Thought-Provoking Questions That Concern the Written Word of God

Robert Rhodes, a man from Ripley, West Virginia; a former military policeman in the U.S. Army; a correctional officer in Texas before returning to West Virginia; a dedicated member of the church of God; and a Calvinist and Trinitarian, has completed his new book “Library of Bible Questions”: an organized compilation that aims to provide clarity on the Biblical verses and topics that frequently leave a question or interest in a reader’s mind. It is a coherently compiled piece that divides the questions into two schedules: the main and topical. The main schedule records every question raised; whereas, the topical schedule only provides the questions asked by real men, women, and even children. The book is not only informative but is also navigated easily.
Rhodes shares, “Library of Bible Questions reveals not only the total number of questions found in the Bible, but also records who and to whom the questions were asked as native to each book while recording historical facts and comments about specific eras of time and individuals mentioned in particular books within noted chapters.
“All chapters begin with a narrative. However, the nexus of Library of Bible Questions is captured within two schedules. Main schedules are common to every book and record every chapter, verse, and question in the book. Topical schedules consist of subjects carried over from book to book recording the number of chapters, verses, and questions of each related topic. Topical schedules also list chapters, verses, and questions, from those who asked the question as well as to whom asked it. These topics are situated only in the books where the individuals were actively involved. Totals for chapters, verses, and questions are provided for each schedule. To expand the educational value of the work, comment sections concerning important historical facts are inserted. The comments also provide a quick reference for those who study the scriptures. One specific characteristic not in the Old Testament stands out in the New Testament. It is the questions that were asked by Jesus. The quotations from Him begin with an asterisk. In conclusion, totals for books, chapters, verses, and questions are found at the end of each chapter. Summary totals are recorded at the end of each Testament. Thereafter, Bible summary totals follow immediately after New Testament summary totals. Library of Bible Questions closes with the question: What is the most often asked question in the Bible? Followed by a reference list.”
Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Robert Rhodes’ new book is a relevant work where the author thoroughly compiled the questions that the readers might ask once they encounter a certain passage in the Bible. It somehow serves also as a guidebook.
This comprehensive piece, that totals quite a number of questions, was envisioned by the author to be a learning and memory resource for both young and aged readers.
Readers can purchase “Library of Bible Questions” at bookstores everywhere or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.
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Source: Covenant Books